These are week-long retreats with a specific emphasis.

Energy Balancing for Acupuncturists and Health Care Workers: A 5-day Sum Faht Meditation retreat with emphasis on the exploration of subtle energy and its role in diagnosis and point location for acupuncturists, and the role of the energetic relationship between practitioner and patient in accessing healing and preventing professional burnout;

The Meditative Way Out Of Negative Thinking, Anxiety and Depression: A week-long retreat combining Sum Faht Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy to help identify and break the cycles of rumination and worry that bring on low mood, anxiety and negativity;

Destination Reatreats: These retreats are 10 days to 2 weeks that combine the local cultural experiences of foreign countries with meditation and energy work in their natural environments.

Small groups are designed for participants to ask Kwan Yin questions of a more personal nature. They consist of 7-12 people and usually last one and one half hours.

A private hour spent one on one with Meg and/or Kwan Yin for intuitive reading, energy healing/balancing, and questions and answers.  Can also be done via Skype or phone.

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Meditation can be experienced anytime, anywhere. Guided group immersion, whether for an evening, a weekend, or a week-long retreat, serves to deepen our cultivation and healing in a supportive, like-minded environment.




 Meg Only $150

Introductory Evening


Private Sessions

 Prices Vary

Experience an immersion into deep inner connection, awakening, and healing through the guidance of Kwan Yin, channeled by Meg McLaughlin. The first evening is a channeled session with the essence of Kwan Yin, initiating attendees into the arc of learning for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are divided between sessions with Kwan Yin and Meg, allowing time for meditation, inquiry, intuitive guidance, and energy work.

Small Group

Retreats are offered in locations that are generally devoted to spiritual development and where the energies of nature are especially impactful. In this format we are given the opportunity to step away from our everyday lives and commit ourselves to personal cultivation. Attending a retreat, whether a week-long or long-weekend format, affords us a chance to connect with the peace and strength within us and to grow more in tune with nature.

Weekend Workshops

Specialized Retreats

A session of up to 2 hours to bring friends, family and anyone you know who may be interested in meditation and spiritual guidance to meet Meg and Kwan Yin.

 Channeled $175