Outdoor Session at 2019 Elohee Retreat

March 13-20, 2020 

We are very happy to return the Elohee Retreat Center in Sautee Nacoochee, Ga, for an open retreat presented by Meg McLaughlin and Leong Tan. Elohee, located on sacred Native American land in the North Georgia mountains, has 2 miles of hiking trails through diverse ecosystems, a spring-fed swimming pond, and a beautiful meditation hall. 

Morning and nightly channeled sessions will alternate between the Teacher and Kwan Yin. Afternoon indoor and outdoor sessions will be cohosted by Meg and Leong.

The retreat begins with dinner at 6:00pm on the 13th, followed by a session with the Teacher. It ends following a final session with the on the 20th at 11:00am.

Pricing for room and board is as follows:

Large Room/Private Bath (Single Occupancy) $1,985.50
Large Room/Private Bath (Double Occupancy/per
person) $1,278.25
Small Room (1 Twin Bed) Shared Bath $1,278.25
Tent Camping $668.25
Workshop fee $1400

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Cretian Port

California Redwoods

Elohee Retreat Center, Sautee Nacoochee, GA

Na Pali Coast State Park, Kauai

Elohee Retreat Center, Sautee, GA

Retreats are offered in locations that are generally devoted to spiritual development and where the energies of nature are especially impactful.  In this format we are given the opportunity to step away from our everyday lives and commit ourselves to deeper personal cultivation. Attending a retreat, whether a week-long or long-weekend format, affords us a chance to connect with the peace and strength within us and to grow more in tune with nature. Past retreats have included Joshua Tree, the Tucson desert, Ireland, France, Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, Asheville, NC, and Kauai.

California Redwood Coast

Mt. Ida, Birthplace of Zeus

California Redwoods Week-long Open Retreat October 5-12, 2020


Experience the raw natural beauty and majestic engird of the California Redwoods and their forest ecosystems as we explore Northern California coastal and inland National and State Redwood Parks.

More information coming soon!

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​Palace Ruins at Knossos

The Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ​


Red Rock Views from Pegasus Ranch

Pegasus Ranch at Jacks Canyon

Outdoor Session at Elohee Retreat 2019

Mystical, Magical Ancient Crete 7-Day Retreat

May 22 - May 29


Grecian Extension

May 29 - June 2


The energetic distinction of Crete has long been mythologized in the stories of its ancient civilization. In fact, Zeus, father of the gods, was born on Crete's Mt. Ida, and raised in its caves.

Crete's most celebrated author, Nikos Kazantzakis, describes it this way: “The mystery of Crete runs deep. Whoever sets foot on this island senses a mysterious force coursing warmly and beneficently through their veins, sensing their soul beginning to grow.” 

In this spirit, we will connect deeply with the wild natural beauty and spiritual energies of the island and its 4000 year old culture. Between indoor and outdoor meditation sessions, we will visit sites touched by the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, including Knossos, where Daedalus designed the labyrinth for King Minos, which contained the ferocious Minotaur. 

The optional 4-day extension will bring us to other energetically potent and historic Grecian sites.

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Vortex Renewal Chinese New Year Retreat, Sedona, AZ

January 22-26, 2020

$1550 Shared Room/Shared Bath (2 available)

$1850 Private Room/Shared Bath (2 available)

$1950 Private Room/Private Bath (1 available)

The Year of the White Metal Rat brings a great creative energy, new beginnings, and the realization of possibilities. The rat promises that all things can be accomplished through determination and hard work.

That hard work includes the realization of our own spiritual cultivation! Set your intention with an immersive meditation and healing long-weekend retreat, with Meg and Kwan Yin, in the energetically diverse and potent winter-time natural landscape of Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is famous for its energy vortices. What is a vortex? Sedona vortices are thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. These are places where the earth seems especially alive with energy. Many people feel inspired, recharged or uplifted after visiting a vortex. We will be housed on 3 private acres that back up to national forest, with beautiful views of Sedona's Red Rocks surrounding the property -- just a short driving distance from each vortex.

The retreat will begin with dinner at 6:00 pm on the 22nd, followed by a session with Kwan Yin to initiate our preparation for the renewal and singular energetic alignment of the Special Seasonal Day of Chinese New Year on the 25th. Our intensive retreat experience will include periods of silence, sunrise meditations, indoor and outdoor sessions with Meg and/or Kwan Yin, and a visit to our favorite vortices to experience the unusual energies there on the 23rd and 24th. We'll enjoy a vegan diet on the 25th and engage in a special walking meditation "forest bath" among the trees of the national forest to remove any negativity of the previous year, capped by a special seasonal day blessing ceremony with Kwan Yin in the evening.  The retreat will end at noon on the 26th.

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