KnoxvilleOpen Meditation WorkshopNov 30-Dec 2, 2018Tom
Los AngelesIntroductory EveningDecember 6, 2018Jeff
Los AngelesOpen Meditation WorkshopDecember 7-9, 2018Jeff
Los AngelesSmall GroupDecember 9, 2018Jeff
NashvilleOpen Meditation WorkshopJanuary 4-6, 2019Chuck
OrlandoIntroductory EveningJanuary 10Doug
OrlandoOpen Meditation WorkshopJanuary 11-13Doug
OrlandoSmall GroupJanuary 13Doug
PortlandIntroductory EveningJanuary 17Linda
PortlandOpen Meditation WorkshopJanuary 18-20Linda
NashvilleOpen Meditation WorkshopFebruary 1-3Chuck
AustinOpen Meditation WorkshopMarch 22-24Sara
CopenhagenOpen Meditation WorkshopMarch 29-31Erica
SauteeAdvanced RetreatApril 7-14Doug
AtlantaIntroductory EveningMay 2Ivonne
AtlantaOpen Meditation WorkshopMay 3-5Ivonne
AtlantaSmall GroupMay 5Ivonne
BoulderIntroductory EveningMay 9Theresa
BoulderOpen Meditation WorkshopMay 10-12Theresa
MemphisIntroductory EveningMay 16Sandy
MemphisOpen Meditation WorkshopMay 17-19Sandy
MemphisSmall GroupMay 19Sandy
KauaiSpecial Healing RetreatMay 24-31Meg
Los AngelesIntroductory EveningJune 6Jeff
Los AngelesOpen Meditation WorkshopJune 7-9Jeff
Los AngelesSmall GroupJune 9Jeff
KnoxvilleOpen Meditation WorkshopJune 21-23Tom
PortlandIntroductory EveningJuly 11Linda
PortlandOpen Meditation WorkshopJuly 12-14Linda
OrlandoIntroductory EveningJuly 18Doug
OrlandoOpen Meditation WorkshopJuly 19-21Doug
OrlandoSmall GroupJuly 21Doug
AtlantaIntroductory EveningAugust 1Ivonne
AtlantaOpen Meditation WorkshopAugust 2-4Ivonne
AtlantaSmall GroupAugust 4Ivonne
MemphisIntroductory EveningAugust 8Sandy
MemphisOpen Meditation WorkshopAugust 9-11Sandy
MemphisSmall GroupAugust 11Sandy
Sedona**Open Meditation WorkshopAugust 16-18**Jeff
Los AngelesIntroductory EveningSeptember 5Jeff
Los AngelesOpen Meditation WorkshopSeptember 6-8Jeff
Los AngelesSmall GroupSeptember 8Jeff
BoulderIntroductory EveningSeptember 12Theresa
BoulderOpen Meditation WorkshopSeptember 13-15Theresa
CopenhagenOpen Meditation WorkshopSeptember 20-22Erica
AustinOpen Meditation WorkshopOctober 11-13Sara
AtlantaIntroductory EveningNovember 7Ivonne
AtlantaOpen Meditation WorkshopNovember 8-10Ivonne
AtlantaSmall GroupNovember 10Ivonne
MemphisIntroductory EveningNovember 14Sandy
MemphisOpen Meditation WorkshopNovember 15-17Sandy
MemphisSmall GroupNovember 17Sandy

CopenhagenOpen Meditation WorkshopNovember 22-24Erica
Los AngelesIntroductory EveningDecember 5Jeff
Los AngelesOpen Meditation WorkshopDecember 6-8Jeff
Los AngelesSmall GroupDecember 8Jeff
KnoxvilleOpen Meditation WorkshopDecember 13-15Tom

​**For all those attending the Sedona, AZ workshop, we will schedule a trip to the vortices for energy and meditation on Monday following the workshop.


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​DATE CHANGE: Feb. 1-3